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PSE&G's Solar solar loan III is available for a very short window. The loan opens on February 25th and is expected to close by the first week of March 2014. PSE&G processes applications on a first come first serve basis so there is a big rush for the loan.

The Solar Loan is payable in cash or as SREC's generated by your system. Your system is designed to produce more than the amount required to pay off PSE&G. Thus,you wont have to pay any cash for the loan as long as your system generates solar power. This effectively means you get the solar loan from PSE&G without having to pay back any cash.

This is an excellent opportunity for prospective buyers of Solar Systems. PSE&G's solar loan covers about 45% of the systems cost. The federal incentives add another 30%. Thus, you get the solar system for just 25% of cost. Since the incentives are so good there will be a lot of applicants. There is a bidding process and not every one who applies will qualify.


All potential Solar Loan III applicants must be prepared to manage their cash outlfows. See the example here, note the days are approximate:

Day 1 : Apply for Solar Loan III
Day 30 : Loan Approved
Day 40 : Commission Solar Project
Day 160 : Solar Panels installed

During this 120 day construction phase, the buyer will have to provide 100% of the solar systems cost. For exampl $25,000

Day 120 : PSEG will give buyer 45% of his project cost back as a Loan
At the end of year 1 - Buyer will get another 30% when he files his federal taxes

Net Out of Pocket at the end of year 1 is 25% of project cost or $6,250


Ampericon has applied for earlier PSE&G incentives for many of its customers and has a very high success rate. Over 90% of our applicants get the incentive. So if you are in the market looking to install solar, this is the best time to do so. You need to work fast. Dont wait - this is amongst the best solar incentives in the country.

More Information on the PSE&G Site.

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